Alanya – one of the most famous Mediterranean Turkish resorts, located in the intermountain valley, going down to the sea. Antique Alanya as a historic place is more than 2,200 years old, it was discovered by Greeks. This region has a large number of ancient architecture monuments side by side with modern hotels, newest residential compounds, equipped embankments and parks with many sports grounds and fountains. The prints of past centuries are everywhere, amazing historical sights beckon mystery and let you taste of the past in the present.

The most beautiful view of the city center opens from the 13th century Byzantine fortress. In its vicinity you can visit caves, where, according to legends, the pirates hid their stolen treasures and wore out the chase. Here you can see grottoes with bizarre stencils: stalactites and stalagmites, as well as a phosphoric cave with unimaginably green water from phosphorescent rocks.


Alanya has its own plage magic. Tourists, wandering of the plenty bays in gentle intermountain ledges, sunbathe on the golden sand, enjoying the privacy. In addition, the city is famous for Cleopatra’s beach, which is associated with the queen’s rule in ancient times, and currently well equipped: various types of water activities, pirate ships with foam parties, plenty of cafes and restaurants where culinary delights is awaiting you.

Azure sea and salty water, gently touching the skin, bestow relaxation. And all that has accumulated within the day is being washed away by the coolness of the sea, and all that is lost its colors during the day, is painted by the rays of the setting sun. Extreme sports enthusiasts can go rafting on highland rivers, do hiking, mountaineering, visit the third largest marine park with stunning underwater landscapes, coral reefs with lots of colorful fishes, swim in the pool with rays and sharks, ride the dolphins.


Alanya is an excellent option for family recreation, as there are several fun fairs in and around the city: a dinosaur park, water parks with all kind of slides that children of all ages will adore.

All the year round everything here is buried in the verdure of exotic trees and banana plantations, gardens are filled with the heady smell of oranges and lemons. Streets and embankments everywhere are a delight for the eye with a variety of colors, bright colors and flavors of which give aesthetic pleasure. The majestic Taurus Mountains with snow-white peaks gently embrace Alanya, creating its unique soft subtropical microclimate, and present fantastic scenic landscapes. Breathtaking Mediterranean sunrises and sunsets with a riot of colors, all shades of turquoise waves, even in ancient times, boggled the imagination of pirates and sultans who chose this place as their corner of paradise on earth.

Alanya is a city with where you want to dive into a romantic relationship, and if a summer fling usually ends, but this love story is never end.